Trump HANGS UP on Obama-Pleasant NPR Host Urgent Him on ‘Rigged’ Election Claims

In his first presidential marketing campaign and through his presidency, Donald Trump was interviewed by many liberal retailers however he by no means granted an interview to NPR and PBS. He understood that he was operating as a populist and they’re elitist channels. They’re taxpayer-funded, however sound like they’re Democrat-owned.

That streak simply got here to an finish as Trump granted an interview Tuesday to NPR morning anchor Steve Inskeep. They deliberate a 15-minute interview – and Trump ended it at 9 minutes. Inskeep started by asking Trump in regards to the coronavirus and vaccines, however quickly shifted right into a battery of inquiries in regards to the 2020 election and the way Trump has not been in a position to show he by some means received in a landslide. That went on lengthy sufficient that Trump determined he had mentioned sufficient: 

INSKEEP [interrupting]: If I can, Mr. President, Mr. President —

TRUMP: Let me ask you this query. How come Biden could not entice 20 folks for a crowd? How come when he went to talk in several places, no one got here to observe, however unexpectedly he obtained 80 million votes? No person believes that, Steve. No person believes that.

INSKEEP: In case you’ll forgive me, perhaps as a result of the election was about you. If I can simply transfer on to ask, are you telling Republicans in 2022 that they have to press your case on the previous election with the intention to get your endorsement? Is that an absolute?

TRUMP: They will do no matter they wish to do — no matter they need to do, they’ll do. However the ones which can be sensible — those that know, you check out. Once more, you check out how Kari Lake is doing, operating for governor. She’s very large on this difficulty. She’s main by so much. Individuals don’t know how large this difficulty is, and so they don’t desire it to occur once more. It should not be allowed to occur, and so they don’t desire it to occur once more.

There are two takeaways from Inskeep’s presidential interviews: 

1. For probably the most half, Steve Inskeep’s inquiries to Trump have been hardballs, however fact-based hardballs. Aside from nudging Trump that the election was all about him — as if the pro-Biden media did not run it that method? — he did not lecture Trump. He introduced quotes and knowledge to Trump. Full transcript here.

2. For probably the most half, Steve Inskeep’s many “unusually relaxed” interviews with Obama supplied softballs. His general file stays powerful on Republicans, tender on Democrats. See Inskeep’s gush over radical-left failed Biden nominee Soule Omarova. Then see him get offended when a pro-life visitor used the phrase “abortionist.”

Some media reporters sunk into silliness about Trump granting this shortened interview. 

What? “It principally by no means occurs?” Lesley Stahl? Lester Holt? Lengthy nasty city corridor with Savannah Guthrie? Stelter ought to inform us what number of interviews Biden has granted to conservative media. Trump has clearly granted extra interviews to liberal media over his presidency than Biden has been doing. President Biden has not granted an interview but to NPR or PBS. However we will guess it will likely be tender at any time when it arrives.

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