Common QAnon promoter who mentioned ‘vaccines kill, don’t get it!’ simply died of COVID-19

Weldon’s final social media put up was a picture of herself in a hospital mattress with an oxygen masks on, dated Dec. 31, 2021. In her put up she wrote “Is [sic] hospital for 2 days Bacteria pneumonia they and tested me for covid I refused Dr Fauci s Resmedervir sorry no meetup in Santa Monica jan1” On Jan. 1 of the brand new yr, she wrote that she was “not on a ventilator for these gossip s I’m I’m a oxygen machine pray for my household God is is in Management.” In her final put up, dated Jan. 5, she reportedly wrote “Pray God takes me out of here soon.”

Weldon made headlines not just because she espoused the entire anti-science ‘vaccines are killing individuals’ mumbo-jumbo promoted by right-wing conspiracy theorists, however as a result of she was keen to go very far afield in how outrageous her claims of conspiracy might be. In Might 2021, Weldon appeared on a podcast claiming that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had died within the yr 2020 from the rare brain-degenerating disease kuru. Why kuru? Kuru is a illness triggered “by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue.” So, cannibalism. 

Weldon’s principle of Clinton’s dying because of kuru was one way or the other extra conservative than the podcast hosts who believed that Hillary Clinton was executed in 2018 by a deep state “tribunal.” These are actual beliefs that folks like Weldon and her followers espoused.

Weldon’s conspiracy theories from this previous yr included claims that China paid President Joe Biden a lot of cash with the intention to check “weather weapons” in Texas, which led to the devastating winter storms that despatched Sen. Ted Cruz packing for Cancun.


She additionally claimed that in President Trump’s administration, he was the target of no less than 50 high-level assassination attempts. 

Contemplating how highly effective the “globalists” are presupposed to be, it’s superb how terribly dangerous they’re at doing easy issues like assassinating a man that spends most of his outing within the open on golf programs.

QAnon followers and mates of Weldon have taken to their social media accounts so as to add Weldon to the conspiracy net they’ve woven, arguing that the hospital where she died clearly murdered her. Scott McKay, a former bodybuilder often called “Patriot Streetfighter” within the Q world, went to his Rumble account to inform his viewers that hospital employees could be tried both by “a tribunal” or within the “road.” 

I’m not precisely certain learn how to even really feel about this. It’s all such garbage.

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