Texas Republicans Hit A New Low By Praising Lengthy Strains To Vote

Texas Republicans are advertising lengthy voting strains within the state as a great factor and evaluating it to COVID testing.

That is what the Texas Republican Social gathering tweeted:

Getting a COVID check is just not the identical factor as the correct to vote. By equating the 2, Republicans are admitting that it isn’t election integrity however disenfranchisement and discouragement which can be the motivations behind their voter suppression legal guidelines.

The Republicans are admitting that they need to make it more durable to vote. They need voters to face in discouraging lengthy strains. They need individuals who can’t afford to overlook work or have nobody to look at their youngsters to skip election day as a result of that’s how they win elections.

The DOJ ought to make use of this tweet as exhibit one in any lawsuit towards the Texas voter suppression legal guidelines, as a result of Republicans are proud and bragging that they don’t need folks to vote.

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