R&B Drama ‘Queens:’ Texas Heartbeat Legislation ‘Sexist,’ George Floyd ‘Forgotten’

Final week, ABC’s new R&B drama Queens referred to an unborn youngster as a “child” five times in one episode, regardless of the child being focused for abortion. This week, they promoted a pro-abortion agenda that was essential of Texas’s try to guard such infants, accusing the state of being filled with sexists. Additionally they touched on the left’s two different favourite subjects – LGBTQ pleasure and race-baiting, claiming George Floyd has been “forgotten.”

On Tuesday’s episode, “Behind the Throne,” the queens are making a music video for the primary time since reviving their ‘90s R&B ladies group. The present’s writers determined this was a very good alternative for woke liberal lecturing, utilizing the rap lyrics to advertise their agenda. Not solely do they repeat the pro-abortion lyrics twice within the two-minute track, however additionally they had Brianna (Eve) sing them in rehearsal midway by means of the present:

Brianna: They are saying issues are larger in Texas ♪ So is the sexists ♪ It is true certainly ♪ With out a queen you would not exist ♪ Mama bear and my infants are my blessin’s ♪ As a defendant my testimony is let’s give ♪ The ladies again they voices, vote for pro-choicesMy physique, my guidelines, you’ll be able to’t keep away from this ♪ So it is a mistrial, now you underneath arraignment ♪ Decide and the jury, no statute of limitations ♪

All: ♪ What you name me? Uh, come on, come on! I made you, a queen is what you name me ♪

Jill: ♪ Come on, my pleasure is alive ♪ Do not attempt to resolve how I really feel inside ♪ Step in my chambers, you witnessin’ ♪ Ladies on the rise Persecute us for our selections, attempt to silence our voices“L” is for the love we give, and you must be part of us ♪ “G” is for greatness “B” is for Bein’ who you might be “T” is to your transition ♪ Now go and be a star ♪ “Q” is for us not Bein’ quiet ♪ It is our flip to let the flag fly free ♪ Case closed, courtroom is adjourned ♪

Naomi: ♪ Say her identify, say her identify, say her identify ♪ They are saying the fruit is rotten ‘trigger it is unusual ♪ George Floyd forgotten, no, he did not die in useless ♪ And, no, your little verdict is not what we name change ♪ There will be no acquittal for the struggling and ache ♪ Video exhibits he is unarmed, however you continue to take purpose ♪ That is why we scream, “No justice and no peace!” ♪ And no extra black our bodies spillin’ blood ♪ On the chilly world’s concrete

Lauren: ♪ My flip. ♪

All: ♪ I made you, a queen is what you name me ♪

Lauren: ♪ So, Your Honor, let me inform you how my story went ♪ I used to wanna get together until the get together ended ♪ I watched everybody ignore me, I went undefended ♪ However they do not know my story, they only wanna faux it ♪ I give 100% and also you all may wager me ♪ They have been sleeping on me since ♪ They received narcolepsy ♪ I have been peeping all my associates, shoot a goal at me ♪ I am simply sitting on this bench, could the legislation shield me ♪ I am a queen ♪

All: ♪ Supreme is the Queens once we come by means of ♪ ♪ Women gotta do it how they wish to ♪ My physique, my alternative, you do not personal me

Umm…who has forgotten George Floyd? And I’d say the responsible verdict in that case was hardly “little.” However as a result of there are conditions the place white officers have been compelled to make use of a weapon to guard themselves and the general public in very harmful and troublesome circumstances involving black suspects, there’s supposedly no justice, so there will likely be no peace? What a horrible, divisive message to ship at a time of 12 months once we have a good time peace on earth probably the most.

And the way can anybody, particularly an actress who’s pregnant in actual life as Eve is, rap about being a mama bear whose infants are a blessing to her in a single breath, whereas selling abortion that takes the lifetime of these blessings within the subsequent?

If anybody’s been forgotten, it is unborn youngsters. It is their lives which can be actually in danger, so they’re those who want justice and safety. Particularly when abortion big Deliberate Parenthood was based by a racist eugenicist to finish the lives of black infants and different undesirables. But Queens gave them free promoting in final week’s episode. That is liberal logic for you.

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