‘Household Man’ Nonetheless Pushing 2016 ‘Rigged’ Election Conspiracy Idea

This week’s episode of Household Man included an election-connected joke about Fb’s Mark Zuckerberg. Does that imply the collection bravely attacked the unethical position Mark Zuckerberg performed in influencing the 2020 election through private funding of election offices? In fact not. As an alternative, the present pushed ridiculous 5-year-old claims that Facebook data mining rigged the 2016 election for Donald Trump

Within the episode, “Peterschmidt Manor,” on Sunday November 14, Lois (Alex Borstein) flashes again to a childhood dialog together with her nanny, Meredith. The nanny offers a singular rendition of the story “The Ugly Duckling,” with Zuckerberg within the position of the duckling.

Meredith: Have you ever ever hear the story of the Ugly Duckling?

Lois: No.

Meredith: Effectively, there as soon as was a younger duckling who had a tough time becoming in, identical to you. And sooner or later, that duckling went off to varsity and created an internet site to charge girls. Then he made $100 billion and mined consumer information to rig an election

If the writers had relied on latest controversies surrounding using “Zuckerbucks” within the 2020 election, the bit wouldn’t appear so dated and pathetic. However Household Man writers won’t ever contact such points across the latest election. As an alternative, Hollywood condemns “loopy conspiracy theories” from 2020 whereas STILL spouting them about 2016.

Previously, Household Man has sometimes worked when it has aimed its zingers at each left and proper. However this new fall season for the reason that election of Joe Biden has been lame, making drained jokes about Sean Hannity. In a yr when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have routinely made humiliating gaffes, creator Seth MacFarlane has chosen to stay with the institution and obsess over Trump as a substitute of mining the comedic goldmine attainable in satirizing the present embarrassing presidential administration.

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